Past Tense Book Cover
Stephanie's debut novel Past Tense follows St. Louis, Missouri Homicide Detective, Nicola DeLuca as she unravels the hardest case of her career.

With twist after turn, Past Tense packs a punch and keeps you guessing until the end. Get swept up in this high intensity mystery!

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Present Tense
A DeLuca & Moretti Novel

DeLuca & Moretti take off to Europe on a pre-wedding honeymoon. After a very rough and emotional case a few months earlier, DeLuca seeks council from a psychiatrist and feels she's ready to kick back and relax with her husband to be. Just when she thinks she's found someone she can trust, things take a strange turn. She swears she's being followed. Feeling paranoid isn't the only thing keeping DeLuca from enjoying what should be a romantic getaway. It seems someone is looking out for her best interest... in the wort possible way.

Trouble never seems to be far behind DeLuca & Moretti. Even across the ocean they can't escape it. Soon people around DeLuca start dropping. With no one they know nearby to help and communication difficulties holding them back, DeLuca & Moretti struggle to identify this elusive "do-gooder" and put an end to subsequent mayhem in a foreign land.

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