Past Tense Book Cover
Stephanie's debut novel Past Tense follows St. Louis, Missouri Homicide Detective, Nicola DeLuca as she unravels the hardest case of her career.

With twist after turn, Past Tense packs a punch and keeps you guessing until the end. Get swept up in this high intensity mystery!

Plus: Stay tuned for DeLuca & Moretti's next adventure in:
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Past Tense
A DeLuca & Moretti Novel

Homicide Detective Nicola DeLuca of the St. Louis Police Department encounters a case that throws her for a loop, takes her on a roller coaster ride of emotions, ethics and mental and physical pain.
DeLuca is caught off guard when she catches a homicide case that hits a little too close to home. Soon she will find herself wondering if her family life growing up was all a lie. Her parent's death was not what she thought and her brother was not the person she thought she knew.
DeLuca bravely takes on this case with the help of an old flame. Will the sparks fly as they once did and will she solve the hardest case of her career plus make it out in one piece?

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